Participa en un seminari sobre activisme climàtic al juny!

Participa en un seminari sobre activisme climàtic al juny!

Busquem dues participants pel seminari ‘PEACE for nature’, que tindrà lloc del 22 al 29 de juny a Polònia

Per participar dels trainings o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte.

About SCI Climate Team
The SCI Climate Team is a passionate group of volunteers within SCI who care deeply about environmental issues and climate justice. Our main goal is to inspire SCI member organisations to take influential action to protect the environment and foster climate activism. The team is acting as SCI’s hub for youth climate action, advocating for change, and working together to make a difference, always guided by the principles of climate justice. Our vision is “Peace Movement Strives for Peace for Nature”.

We understand that climate justice is connected to many of the issues SCI addresses, so our focus is on integrating climate justice into all aspects of our organisation’s work. We want to spread awareness about climate and environmental issues and encourage volunteers to get involved in climate action, whether it’s during volunteering events or in their everyday lives.

PEACE for Nature Training Course
In response to the urgent need for action on climate change and the strong desire of young people in the Service Civil International (SCI) community to get involved in global climate activism. This project
was inspired by a group of young individuals in the SCI climate team who are passionate about boosting climate activism within the SCI movement. They aim to bring in energetic young minds, many of whom are just beginning their journey into project development, by actively participating in shaping this project.

PEACE for Nature focuses on empowering young people in SCI to become effective climate activists. Our goal is to support 25 young individuals to excel in climate justice, activism, and civic engagement, while also encouraging them to speak out for climate justice within their organisation and on the international SCI Climate Team. During the training, participants will gain a deep understanding of climate issues and learn how they can make a positive impact. They’ll have the opportunity to get involved in local climate activism projects and participate in follow-up programmes designed to further their knowledge and skills.

Additionally, there will be six official meetings where participants can learn about the inner workings of organisations like SCI and how decisions are made. We anticipate that at least two new ideas for climate-related projects will emerge from these meetings, which we will present to the SCI board for consideration. The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe.

What will you learn?
At the end of the training course, participants will be able to:
– Advocate for equitable solutions, understand the principles of climate justice and climate activism
– Understand the role non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play in youth and community development.
– Effectively engage in organisational work to drive change at a grassroots level.
– Partner with a wider community of activists, experts, and organisations committed to climate justice.
– Long-term planning and crafting action plans that will serve as a roadmap for future activities.
– Use non-formal educational techniques for community outreach and advocacy.

Who is this training for?
This learning opportunity is for:
– Young people age 18-30 years.
– Interested in climate justice and environmental advocacy students, activists, or volunteers affiliated with NGOs and community organisations.
– Part of the SCI network.
– The project is encouraging young people from different backgrounds, genders, and life conditions to take part in the project, the project aims to provide a safer space for learning and developing.
– It’s for participants coming from the Member States of the Council of Europe.

If you are interested READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS and fill in the application form.

When: 22-29 June 2024
Where: Pniewy, Poland
For more information or questions, please write to:

All those accepted will later receive a detailed info sheet with information on the venue, detailed timetable, and preparation tasks before the training.