Fes un training a Alemanya aquest abril!

Fes un training a Alemanya aquest abril!

SCI Alemanya organitza el training “Play for Peace”, centrat en reflexionar sobre el paper dels jocs en espais educatius i de voluntariat

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte


Games and Energizers are very present in the activities of international Peace and Volunteering Organisations, like SCI and its partners. They are used in volunteer camps to bring the group together, and to work on contents during seminars and trainings. There is hardly any volunteering group that does not play games during their projects. But why are we actually using these games? And what should we consider when playing?

Games in educational work got institutionalised without considerably reflecting their use, their advantages, and their challenges. On the one hand, games can be very helpful and useful in the seminar context. On the other hand, they can be criticised regarding the reproduction of stereotypes or as violating the personal space of participants.


To debate the role of games in volunteering activities, SCI Germany organises this project aimed at trainers, youth workers, group coordinators and volunteers. The project consists of 5 parts and this call  comprises the first three parts:

1. Online-Preparation Phase (starting mid march, 1 month before the training). Project participants will receive the most important information for the project activities beforehand. This includes tasks for the individual preparation as well as questions and tasks to reflect upon.

2. Training (16th to 23rd April 2022) During the training in Germany, the participants learn about the basics of the usage of games in educational work. The training will provide a basis for deeper discussion and reflection on problems and advantages of games with a critical perspective on power relations. Obviously, in this training we will play a lot in order to add practical experience to the theoretical approach. The main topics of the training are:

  • The usage of games and energizers (why/why not?)
  • Peaceful playing for peace
  • Roles of facilitators/trainers/group coordinators
  • Humour and fun in educational work
  • Stereotypes and discrimination in games
  • And more!

3. Implementation and Reflection Period. The participants use the knowledge they have gained during the training to implement critical points and ideas on how to use games more carefully in their youth activities (e.g. in international Workcamps). They are asked to do a small personal reflection on each game they facilitated during their activities.


Everyone who comes to this seminar should…

  • Be vaccinated against Covid 19 or recovered (obligation).
  • Ideally be an active member and be involved in the process and decision structures of their sending organisation.
  • Have some experience in international group works as participant or better as trainer/facilitator or group coordinator.
  • Be interested in learning more about the use of games in groups and to discuss this critically.
  • Be aware of power structures and be able to approach them both sensitively and critically.
  • Be committed to abstain from flying, but travel to the event via overland route instead.
  • Be committed to spreading their new skills and competences to their sending branches, e.g. via a workshop or a camp coordinator training.
  • Allow time and ideas for both the seminar and the finalisation phase.
  • Ideally be motivated to participate actively in the production of the outcomes and in the implementation period.
  • Have sufficient English language skills (spoken and written).


The seminar will take place in the youth house “FUB der Falken Sonthofen”. It is a house owned by a socialist youth organisations and located in Sonthofen in the southern part of Germany around 2 hours train ride from Munich. Sonthofen is well connected to public transport and the house is very close to a lake and to the mountains.

The seminar will take place in a seminar house with simple living conditions where participants will sleep in a room shared with few other people. The food we provide will be vegan as a practical and ideological decision and organizers recommend to come to this seminar through more sustainable means of transport rather than flying.

If you need more information, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS.

When: 16th to 23rd April
Where: Sonthofen, Germany
Deadline to apply: Apply before the 30th of January
Interested? Send an email to voluntariat@scicat.org now!