Participa al Training ‘Climate beyond classism’

Participa al Training ‘Climate beyond classism’

El seminari internacional ‘Climate beyond classism’ tindrà lloc del 24 al 30 de setembre a Sonthofen, Alemanya

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

In order to overcome the climate crisis, we need big social movements that demand a massive change in the way that we do economics and politics. And while the climate movement has grown a lot since 2019, it is still too small to really change things. Large amounts of people need to become active parts of the movement, which means that the climate movement needs to open up.

Poor and working class youths are massively underrepresented in the climate movement, which in Europe is mostly run by those who are middle-class, white and university-educated. Yet, economically weak and working class people are the ones most affected by the effects of the climate crisis, both in the present and the future and both globally and nationally – e.g. the ones losing jobs in coal mines through a transition to renewable energy are workers. However, how can we bring the social and climate justice movement more together? What are the reasons that poor and working class people don’t feel comfortable in the climate movement? How is all of this related to capitalism? And how can we change these structures to become more inclusive?

As Spain is defined as high covid cases area by Germany it’s only possible to enter Germany for people who are vaccinated twice with Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna or Astraceneca or once with Johnson Johnson/Jannsen.

Participants’ profile
The participants will be staff, activists and volunteers from volunteerig organisations, from the climate movement and from unions. All participants selected for this project should meet the following criteria:

  • be 18 years old or older
  • be able to work in English
  • be interested in the seminar topics (climate justice and classism) and have a strong motivation to act as a multiplier
  • be able to attend for the full duration of the seminar
  • ideally be active and be able to influence decisions of their sending organisations and have experience in volunteering, peace and/or climate justice
  • If somehow possible and feasible, be committed to come to the seminar without flying, and to travel instead by overland route
  • We explicitly encourage participants of all classes, educational backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and ethnic backgrounds to apply.

If you need more information, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS.

When: 24th to 30th of September
Deadline to apply: Apply now!
Interested? Send an email to now!