Fes un training sobre estereotips de gènere en espais de voluntariat

Fes un training sobre estereotips de gènere en espais de voluntariat

El training ‘Gender Utopia’ abordarà els estereotips de gènere i sexuals en espais de voluntariat i serà del 7 al 13 de Juliol a Issor, França

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

About the project

International youth work and volunteering are not exempt from stereotypes on gender and sexuality, as all prevailing stereotypes and social constructions in society end up in our youth projects as well. Jokes about gender and sexualities (What is funny?), gendered stereotypes about labour (Who carries heavy things?), leadership, sleeping and bathroom arrangements (Which toilet do you go to if you are nonbinary?), care work (Who cooks? Who repairs? Who cleans in our youth projects?) and love (Do you have a boyfriend?) and even sexual harassment are unfortunately a reality we face in our youth projects.

The challenge is then to create spaces that contradict and resist these stereotypes and types of behaviour. But not only that, the challenge is to imagine safer spaces: What is a space without discrimination based on gender and sexuality? How could we ever create such a space in a youth project, that is more inclusive for people of all genders? What are the conditions we need for that and how can we work towards reaching such a space? What partnerships, what methods, what attitudes do we need for that? How can we create a Gender Utopia in international youth work?

With the training “Gender Utopia”, Association La Villa and its partners want to learn and exchange around how to create safer spaces around gender in youth projects. The main aim is to develop strategies to create youth projects that are social spaces, in which everyone feels safe to be themselves, to be safe from violence, to express their gender identity and to be met with understanding if discrimination does occur.

Association La Villa

Association La Villa has been created in 2005 with the goal to develop and facilitate cultural education amongst youngsters and unemployed youth of the town of Gelos. Its initial goal was to recreate a roman villa using ancient technique of construction and mobilising for the project the local youth, teaching them practical knowledge, raising their interest for history and experimental archaeology in the process.

Since then, the association has diversified its activities to better respond to the needs of the local youngsters and full fill its mission of cultural education. Since the closure of the youth center in their town, Gelos, the associative life and youth activity proposition is dwindling and youngsters from the town find themselves without much to do in their free time but hang around in the park along the river, a notorious spot for homeless and drug users. So, the members from association la Villa are looking for new creative way to engage youth into constructive activities.

Participant’s profile

  • are 18+, can express themselves in (basic) English;
  • are vaccinated against COVID19 (a more detailed COVID Concept will follow a month before the Training);
  • are resident of one of the countries specified in the call;
  • are committed to participating during the whole training course;
  • want to build/ expand their international peer network;
  • are motivated to reflect on and to improve gender topics in their youth work and to put new learning into practice;
  • are committed to work on a manual for gender safe spaces in youth work
  • are motivated to disseminate and promote the project outcomes within their organisations and local communities and to develop new initiatives and projects on these topics in the future;
  • are aware of power structures and be able to approach them both sensitively and critically;
  • have sufficient English language skills (spoken and written);
  • are committed to abstain from flying, but travel to the event via overland route instead;

If you need more information, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

When: 7th – 13th of July
Deadline to apply: before the 28th of April
Interested? Send an email to voluntariat@scicat.org now!