Participa al training ‘Permaculture for Solidarity’ a Bulgària

Participa al training ‘Permaculture for Solidarity’ a Bulgària

Participa al training ‘Permaculture for Solidarity’ a Bulgària del 20 al 30 d’agost! Inscripcions fins al 25 de juny

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya.


The first part of the course (six full days) is about teaching people how to work with young volunteers, find international partners and funding for their projects. Our international team covers different aspects: bureaucratic procedures in all project stages (registration, quality label, application, implementation, reporting and follow-up), practical aspects of integrating volunteers into the community, exchange with local volunteers, examples of solidarity activities, and more.

The second part of the course (three full days) is also a result of the “Training Permaculture Teachers” course to support the need for organizations/participants to improve the quality of the audiovisual materials that they use to communicate with potential stakeholders. This second part of the training is shorter due to funding constraints, but also designed to promote cultural and linguistic diversity, active citizenship and solidarity because the content of the video assignments will be directed towards those subjects and the sessions will take place at the gardens of the Balkan Ecology Project (Balkep).

The training involves several short technical assignments around photography, frame sequencing and editing, sound recording/mixing/design as well as scriptwriting. The rest of the sessions are mostly group work; writing, shooting and editing two short documentary-style videos. One video is focused locally, while the other is about the sending organization. The first one must be finished by the end of the course, while the second project will be screened as a “work-in-progress” to be completed upon the participants’ return to their home countries with the new knowledge gained.
While at this course participants will have the chance to explore the Balkan Ecology Project’s gardens, take a tour, make videos, and meet the European Solidarity Corps volunteers that will be contributing to the Green School Village @ Balkan Ecology Project (GSV@Balkep).

If you need more information, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

When: 20th to 30th of August
Deadline to apply: apply before the 25th of june
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