Training sobre masculinitats tòxiques en espais de voluntariat

Training sobre masculinitats tòxiques en espais de voluntariat

El training DETOX se centra en analitzar els rols de masculinitat tòxica en espais juvenils i de voluntariat i serà del 22 al 28 de maig a Madrid

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

About the Project

“Toxic masculinity” is the term coined for a harmful set of behaviors that some men still continue to uphold. There is nothing toxic about being a man, but some men act in destructive ways based on the gender roles they learned during their socialisation and think that they need to fulfil those: violence, intimidating aggressions, hyper-competitiveness, sexual objectification, and emotional detachment. Misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia are often reinforced through these behaviors. Women, non-binary people, and also other men are the targets of these behaviors. And “toxic” men even direct these behaviors towards themselves because they feel that they do not meet what is required of “a real man”.

We have observed these behaviors on larger and smaller scales in our volunteering and youth projects. With “Detox your project”, we want to address the problem and enable facilitators to deal with toxic masculinity in their projects. With varying interactive methods, we will reflect on our own gendered socialization, discuss the topic and our experiences within the group and deepen our knowledge about toxic masculinity, sexism, gender and patriarchy.

Based on this, we will develop strategies to deal with toxic masculinity in our projects and share these through a toolkit that we’ll write together at the seminar. We will also discuss ways how to encourage and shape alternative masculinities during projects. During the seminar we are going to use a broad variety of non-formal education methods, such as world café, snowball discussions, research, silent exhibition, theatre, visual harvesting, arts, energizers, self reflection, teambuilding games and more.

Our objectives

  • Providing young workers with basic training in masculinity studies so that we all understand the
    context and background to the behaviors of young men
  • Normalize basic activities for gender-safe spaces, also in projects where gender is not the main issue.
  • Raise awareness of how toxic masculinity behaviors can be observed among young people and during youth work.
  • Develop strategies on how to deal with conflicts around toxic masculinity and create methods for
  • Reflect on own socialization and how their gender roles influence their behavior today
  • Build foundations to support young people in developing positive views and understanding of
  • Exchange with other people and learning each other’s experiences: good and bad practices.

Participant’s profile

The project aims to gather 17 participants (up to 1-2 per partner organization). The participants will be
youth workers, trainers as well as staff, activists, camp coordinators and active volunteers from volunteering organizations. The seminar is open for all genders. All participants selected for this project
should meet the following criteria:

  • be vaccinated against Covid 19 or recovered (obligation – see exact rules on the next page)
  • be 18 years old or older
  • be able to work in English
  • be interested in the seminar topics and have a strong motivation to act as a multiplier
  • Able to attend for the full duration of the seminar
  • be committed to spreading their new skills and competences to their sending branches, e.g. via a
    workshop or a camp coordinator training
  • If somehow possible and feasible, be committed to come to the seminar without flying, and to travel instead by overland route.

We explicitly encourage participants of all classes, educational backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and ethnic backgrounds to apply. For this project you should either have the nationality of one of the following countries or living in one of them: Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Finnland, Georgia, Germany, Italia, North Macedonia, Polonia, Rusia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey.

If you need more information, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS.

When: 22nd to 28rd May
Where: Madrid, Spain
Deadline to apply: Apply now!
Interested? Send an email to now!