Training sobre narratives audiovisuals i eco-voluntariat a Brusel·les

Training sobre narratives audiovisuals i eco-voluntariat a Brusel·les

Participa en un training sobre narratives audiovisuals i eco-voluntariat del 12 al 19 de juny a Brussel·les

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte

About the project

Youth Green Deal is a project aiming to build the capacity of youth organisations promoting volunteering in the Mediterranean area. In this project we focus on our work with local communities who are doing environmental work. So looking at how our volunteer projects can support environmental work: reducing the effects of climate change; inspire volunteers and local communities to mitigate climate change and lead sustainable lifestyles.

The training will bring together 20 participants from 8 different countries who will deepen their general knowledge about eco-volunteering and will learn to use tools (smartphone, camera, video camera) in order to collect visual (and audio) data during an eco-volunteering project/youth exchange later on. The participants will be trained to film, take pictures, tell a story through any kind of medium, create scenarios and a storyboard and edit videos.

After a general introduction to some techniques, the idea is for each participant to be able to create a short film with a smartphone at the end of the training. Some of the participants will participate or assist to the youth exchanges/eco-volunteering projects during the summer and will create shorts films to be presented at the Final Conference in Tunisia. The participants will also be introduced to Eco-volunteering, which will be the main topic of the short films.

Methodological approach

Workcamps and youth exchanges focusing on eco-volunteering are central in this project. Therefore the training will focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need to keep a visual trace of those activities, be able to share the experiences lived and tell inspiring stories. The training will use non formal education methods and experiential learning which is based on relection linked to practical experiences and/or learning by doing. An active participation of all participants is expected in the preparation phase, the face-to-face training in Belgium and the follow-up activities. The working language will be English. The facilitators will guide the process and accompany the participants in the learning process but it is up to all participants to bring in their expertise, to leave their comfort zone and to make the most out of this journey!

Participant’s profile

The training will take place in SCI Belgium’s ofices in Bruxelles, Belgium from 12-19 of June 2022. It will bring together a group of 20 (future) youth leaders of all genders coming from SCI branches and partner organisations active in the SCI MIDI working group who:

  • Have an interest in Mediterranean identity and cooperation
  • Have an interest in international voluntary work
  • Have an interest in working with intercultural groups and being open-minded
  • Have an interest in techniques related to storytelling including ilming, photography, editing, etc. while having encounters with the local community
  • Have an interest in environmental issues
  • Have a decent command of English
  • Commit to participate in the full duration of the training including all its sessions
  • Are motivated to share and document their acquired knowledge and experience in the topics and methodologies tackled during this training within their own organisation in 2022
  • Are ready to do some preparatory tasks (online questionnaire, bring good examples or materials from your own organisation on the topics of the training) and participate actively in the training
  • Be fully vaccinated (2 doses + 14 days since the second one) and be willing to follow the mandatory precautions related to the COVID-19 restrictions at the time of the training.


When: 12th – 19th of June
Deadline to apply: before the 15th of May
Interested? Send an email to now!