Participa al training Strategies against war a Àustria

Participa al training Strategies against war a Àustria

El training pretén reunir 24 (futures) activistes per la pau, crear una xarxa d’inspiració i suport i dur a terme campanyes contra la guerra i el militarisme. Del 25 de juny al 2 de juliol a Àustria!

The Association of Service Civil International (SCI) is opening applications for an in-person 7-day training (including arrival and departure days). The seminar will be hosted by SCI Austria with financial support from the Council of Europe’s European Youth Foundation and the CERV Programme of the European Union.

The training aims to bring together 24 (future) peace educators and peace activists, supporting them to raise their voices for peace, and create a network of inspiration and support for their journey to carrying out peace campaigns against war and militarism between July and September 2023. The training will be based on principles of non-formal education, which are participatory and dynamic.

Participants are expected to arrive to the training with a concrete campaign/ project idea linked to antimilitarism, which will be developed with the support of the group.

Background of the project
The last year saw the escalation of war in Europe and around the world. People all across the world – be it in Ukraine, Armenia, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Tigray, Myanmar or many other places – are forced to survive amidst and resist against war and military occupation and its devastating consequences. And even political decision-makers in supposedly peaceful countries decide to fuel militarism by exporting weapons, investing in nuclear weapons and making trade deals with aggressors. With the climate crisis becoming worse, the world seems to be going in a dystopian direction. We feel powerless, angry and anxious when thinking about the future.

Standing up for a world free of war and militarism. This training will focus on advocacy and campaigning. It aims to help young people get active and speak up on the topics of peace and antimilitarism. The programme will include reflection on how to use political communication and advocacy, and build campaigns from an antimilitarist perspective. Young people with diverse experiences will be supported to design their own follow-up campaigns connected to the International Day of Peace.

SCI wants to go back to its antimilitarist roots in 2023. This training is part of the year-long “No War Anywhere!” project. As part of the project, we will also create an online course and a toolkit. The project wants to strengthen antimilitarist education within SCI and to bring together young people affected by militarism. During this year, SCI also wants to form stronger alliances with other peace networks (such as War Resisters International and International Fellowship of Reconciliation).

– build capacity in youth around advocacy, campaigning and political communication
– analyse and discuss the topic of anti-militarism and communication and advocacy efforts connected to it
– create action plans for awareness-raising or advocacy campaigns for the International day of Peace

If you are interested READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS and apply now sending an email to