Training a Suïssa: ‘Peace Education Market’

Training a Suïssa: ‘Peace Education Market’

Aquest training us permetrà augmentar la qualitat i quantitat de les vostres activitats d’educació per la pau. Del 18 al 25 d’abril a Bern, Suïssa

Per participar dels trainings o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte.

About the project

We are ready to invite 28 participants (2 per country and 4 participants from the host SCI Switzerland) to join a one-week training course “Peace Education Market”. The Peace Education Market will empower you to increase the quality and quantity of your peace education activities. During the training you will:

– deepen your knowledge and understanding of the concept of peace and its 3 pillars: inner peace, peace with others and peace with nature,
– learn to design and facilitate high-quality learning processes, and deliver impactful peace education activities,
– participate in numerous peace education workshops and get inspired by them,
– if you want, lead your own workshop and develop your training skills, gain confidence and receive feedback from your peers,
– get equipped with various training tools and methods you can later use in your work and everyday life,
– discuss the current peace education trends and approaches,
– find space for the safe exchange of good practices, of inspiration, of sharing resources and ideas with practitioners from 13 countries,
– plan a follow-up action to take place in your local community upon the course completion.

Key programme elements: 3 peace pillars, standards for quality in peace education, experiential learning, peace education workshops, well-being of peace educators in VUCA times, networking with Swiss and international NGOs, Open Space, follow-up planning, reflection, and evaluation.

For whom?

The project is intended for the following types of participants:
– trainers and educators leading peace education activities,
– peace activists, leaders and youth workers with a strong interest in peace education and its appliance in their work.

By peace education we mean activities related to any of the 3 peace pillars:
– inner peace (self-awareness, well-being, mental and emotional resilience),
– peace with others (e.g. conflict resolution, effective communication, social justice, global peace),
– peace with nature (e.g. nature exploration, awareness, action and advocacy).

What is important for us is your willingness to contribute to the Market by proposing to lead a 30-90 minute workshop in any of the above thematic fields. All participants need to actively participate in the preparation, implementation, and follow-up of the Peace Education Market and to participate for the whole duration of the event.

There are a few formal requirements you need to satisfy to join the training course:
1. You need to be a resident of one of the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, France, Jordan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, or Switzerland.
2. You should be able to communicate in English.
3. You must be minimum of 18 years of age.
4. You need to attend the whole course duration (there is no possibility to make exceptions).
5. You commit yourself to organise a follow-up educational activity for peace in your local community / country upon the course completion, before 31.07.2024. It can be e.g. a workshop on peace, training course, online campaign, presentation, screening, discussion, etc.


When: 18-25 April 2024
Where: near Bern, Switzerland
Deadline to apply: as soon as possible!
Interested? Send an email to now!