URGENT! Fes el teu EVS a Esperantist Association a Bialystok!

URGENT! Fes el teu EVS a Esperantist Association a Bialystok!

Un EVS és una oportunitat única de realitzar un voluntariat a un altre país on descobrir la seva cultura, aprendre la llengua i conèixer a fons un nou projecte. El voluntariat està totalment subvencionat per la Comissió Europea; inclou els vols, el transport intern, l'allotjament i manutenció, l'assegurança i diners de butxaca. L'SCI Catalunya som l'organització d'enviament de persones residents als països catalans o a l'estat espanyol. Cal tenir entre 18-30 anys!

Begining: 1/10/16
End: 30/06/17

opis projektu

The main tasks for volunteer:

– learning Esperanto language

– take part in organizing the Bialystok Zamehof Days,

– coordinating meetings of language cafe in Bia?ystok

– assist in the Esperanto library,

– lead a workshop on culture of his / her country / or how Esperanto is seen in his / her country,

– take part in Esperanto courses carried out in mass media,

– take part in regular radio programmes on Esperanto broadcast by a local radio station,

– visit schools / orphanages / educational centres and talk on Esperanto / different cultures.

Apart from that the volunteer is free to implement their own projects, such as: animation of a student or theatrical group,

organisation of a trip, establishment of a musical or singing Esperanto group


zakwaterowanie, wy?ywienie i transport

Volunteer will recieve around 760 PLN food and pocket money every month. Will have his own room and kitchen and bathroom to share with other flatmates. Volunteer will be provided monthly bus ticket to travel in Bialystok. International travel will be covered up to 275 EUR both way from and to volunteer's country. Esperanto and polish language course will be offered.

szkolenia w trakcie projektu

Volunteer will join two trainings organized by National Agency of Poland (in Warsaw for 6 days and Torun for 6 days) on -arrival and min-term training for volunteers. 

Volunteer will join two training organized by ANAWOJ (coordinating organization) in Podlasie region (2-days and 3-days). 

Volunteer will have polish and esperanto language course

Volunteer will join other trainings organized by hosting organization related to Esperanto language and esperanto culture.

profil wolontariusza

The volunteer that we seek for our project must be a person who:

a) has interest in the Esperanto language ( wants to learn Esperanto language)

b) wants to learn Polish

c) likes animation and classes with children,

d) wants to improve their teaching and animation skills,

e) is capable of adapting to the Polish customs (eating, behaviour etc.)

f) is open-minded and ready to coordinate big events

jak si? zg?osi?

please send your CV and motivation letter and… surprise us!:) to Paulina: anawoj.evs@gmail.com and to longterm@sci-cat.org before the 13th of September

Please, title your email "Esperanto BTE application"