Vols compartir i discutir amb altres joves sobre com ha de ser el món de demà?

Vols compartir i discutir amb altres joves sobre com ha de ser el món de demà?

La informacio la trobareu en anglès, ja que aquest és l'idioma vehicular de la trobada.

WorldWeWant.de is part of the current consultation on the United Nations' new development goals and was Initiated in 2013 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (the German abbreviation, BMZ) and the German National Committee for UNICEF. Over 500 young PARTICIPATED in WorldWeWant.de people last year, successfully develop developing and discussing a number of exciting ideas, wishes and requirements for a world of tomorrow.

Discussions of a more just world continue into 2014 and bring together the thoughts and wishes of young people. In order to enrich the discussion, we are now opening the opportunity for young people from all over the world, Especially from Developing Countries, to join us and together address the questions That are important for the future of young people. You will be able to discuss ideas, and Their Demands for a fair and sustainable future with your fellows from all over the world. The results will be passed on to senior Representatives in German politics. One or two participants will then be selected to take part in the ECOSOC Youth Forum on 2 and 3 June 2014 in New York.

How can you apply?
WorldWeWant.de and friends Intends to bring together young people dedicated 20 Between 15 and 21 years old on 10 and 11 May 2014 to a workshop in Bonn, Germany . We would like to invite all interested and dedicated young people to apply by sending us the form  until 6 April 2014 23.59 CET (GMT +1) at the latest. Only complete applications will be Considered and no CV / resume will be accepted. Only selected applicants will then be Notified on the result. IF NECESSARY, expensed travel can be covered.

Please address any question to: info@worldwewant.de.