Vols fer el teu EVS a Suïssa?

Vols fer el teu EVS a Suïssa?
Es busquen EVS per 4 projectes molt engrescadors a Suïssa: Eco-village Sennrüti a Degersheim, Circus Lollyop a Lüen, Asylum Centers a Valais i Peace Council de Zurich. Inscriu-te abans del 15 de novembre!
Un EVS és una oportunitat única de realitzar un voluntariat a un altre país on descobrir la seva cultura, aprendre la llengua i conèixer a fons un nou projecte. El voluntariat està totalment subvencionat per la Comissió Europea; inclou els vols, el transport intern, l'allotjament i manutenció, l'assegurança i diners de butxaca. L'SCI Catalunya som l'organització d'enviament de persones residents als països catalans o a l'estat espanyol. Cal tenir entre 18-30 anys

Application procedure:
• Please apply directly to your local SCI-branch with CV and motivation letter to longterm@sci-cat.org
• If you’re applying for multiple projects, please add a specific motivation letter for each project you’re applying for.

Project overview:

• A1: Eco-village Sennrüti in Degersheim, Switzerland , 4 volunteers (4 from March 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018
• A2: Circus Lollyop in Lüen, Switzerland,  1 volunteer (March 1st 2017 – August 31th 2017)
• A3: Asylum Centers in Valais, Switzerland, 4 volunteers (March 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018)
• A4: Peace Council Zurich, Switzerland, 1 volunteer (March 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018)

A1: Eco-village Sennrüti in Degersheim, Switzerland (4 from March 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018)
The Eco-village in Degersheim, a holistic community project that promotes sustainable living, will offer 4 volunteers the possibility to participate in organic gardening, childcare, kitchen work, event management, public relations and ecological building construction or refurbishing. The volunteers will be encouraged and supported in developing their own ideas, initiatives and independent working. An aim is to learn how and where they can contribute to all aspects of community life.

A2: Circus Lollyop in Lüen, Switzerland (March 1st 2017 – August 31th 2018)
Circus Lollypop in Lüen is a well-established traveling circus working with children and youth with the aim to encourage young people to develop their own youth culture and gain more self-consciousness. 1 volunteer will travel with the circus through Switzerland from March till August and make stops at many schools in several cantons. At the end of the EVS, the volunteer might even get the opportunity to accompany the circus to a country of Eastern Europe for the month of September, (mostly working with minorities in this country), but this month will not be part of the EVS and will be organized between the volunteer and the circus independently in case of a successful EVS. The tasks in the circus vary from setting up the tent to animate the children and help with all the circus related tasks for 6 months.

A3: Asylum Centers in Valais, Switzerland (March 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018)
The Asylum Office of the canton of Valais provides several centers in the region, where asylum seekers live, work and get education during the time they wait for their decision for a stay permit. The Asylum Office will host 4 volunteers. While two of them will work in “RADOS” in Sion, the other two will work in “Le Botza” in close-by Vétroz. “RADOS” is the center for unaccompanied minor refugees, “Le Botza” the centre for social and professional integration for refugees. 2 volunteers at “Le Botza” will have the opportunity to support the refugees in different workshops (restoration, carpenter, gardening, refurbishing, language and computer courses, cooking and housekeeping courses, sports etc.) and help them getting prepared for the Swiss job market. At “RADOS” the other 2 volunteers will be responsible for the entertainment and organisation of activities for unaccompanied minor refugees. They will also support the first registration office, which is located in the same building and is responsible for newly arrive refugees in the canton Valais. One task for both centers will be to help accompany the refugees to appointments (i.e. with doctor/ administrations), help with childcare, support some administrative work and organize events for the refugees.

A4: Peace Council Zurich, Switzerland (March 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018)
The Swiss Peace Council is a small peace organization that publishes a magazine and organizes different events on international peace and conflict prevention topics. 1 volunteer will accompany the production of the magazine, help with research and maintain the online part of the organization. 

Si vols més informació d'algun dels projectes o estàs interessada en particpar-hi, envia el teu CV i carta de motivació en anglès a longterm@sci-cat.org abans del 15 de novembre.