Vols fer el teu EVS a Zurich? Inscriu-te abans del 2 de febrer!

Vols fer el teu EVS a Zurich? Inscriu-te abans del 2 de febrer!

L'associació "Swiss Peace Council" cerca 2 voluntàries amb bon nivell d'alemany per participar al seu projecteWe are looking for a GERMAN SPEAKING EVS volunteer (18-30 years old) from an Erasmus+ program (or partner) country to do his/her EVS at Peace Council in Zurich, Switzerland, starting March 1st 2016 and lasting for one year.

Project:        Peace Council Zurich, Switzerland
Duration:       March 1st 2016 –February 28th 2017 (1 year)

The Swiss Peace Council is a peace organization that publishes a magazine and organizes different events on international peace and conflict prevention topics. 1 volunteer will accompany the production of the magazine, help with research and refurbish the online part of the organization.

The office is located in Zurich, the largest Swiss city. The volunteer will work together with the publisher and head of Peace Council Zurich, occasionally with board members and other local working groups in Zurich. They will also cooperate with the office of SCI Switzerland in Berne.

The tasks will be adapted to the knowledge and interest of the volunteers: Organization of (own) events, updating / refurbishing the online part of the organization (website/social media), assisting in research on peace topics for the quarterly published peace journal, supporting the writing (in German), layouting and publishing of the latter. One aim of the project is the knowledge exchange about peace topics between the Peace Council and SCI Switzerland.

Practicalities: For your accommodation SCI looks for a host family where a room and food is provided or as a backup we rent a room and you and provide a budget for food.

Requirements: In order to be able to work in the publishing process of the magazine, a fair amount of GERMAN language skills is REQUIRED as well as English for the research activities. You are between 18-30 years old and available during the full project duration. You are from a Erasmus+ program country or from a partner country (see http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/documents/erasmus-plus-eligible-countries_en.pdf).

As the staff of the Peace Council is in their second part of life, they're looking forward to young innovative people with technical skills and knowledge about social media to reach out for the younger generation to get them more involved in peace topics.

Application: Please apply with a motivation letter and C.V. until February 2nd 2016 to evs@scich.org and longterm@sci-cat.org