Dues places d’EVS a Alemanya!

Dues places d’EVS a Alemanya!
The recreation and conference centre Heideruh  was founded in 1945 by antifascists for victims of the Nazi regime and children liberated from the concentration camps of Bergen-Belsen and Neuengamme.
They are looking for 2 enthusiastic volunteers to help run their daily activities from May 2016 to May 2017.

The project will be presented on the Erasmus+ Feburary deadline.

After years of fascist dictatorship relatives, survivors and friends built a place amidst woodland where they could draw strength to continue their tasks aimed for a better world. It was established as a place for recuperation for the survivors of the cruel years of Nazi dictatorship and for those who suffered from prosecution. Heideruh is a recreation site and guesthouse with 21 rooms. Up to 38 people can be hosted at a time. Visitors of all ages, but mainly elderly people, stay in Heideruh to join excursions on anti-fascist topics, seminars or just enjoy the good food and the relaxing atmosphere of the project.

The association also promotes to help present refugees and victims of political, racist and religious prosecution and war. Nine asylum seekers from different countries are accommodated in Heideruh and are supported by a group of volunteers.
A fundamental work element of the association is also education for adults and adolescents. It is a place of learning. Political activists of all ages organize events, discussions and regular meetings.

The project has a long history of youth camps and international SCI workcamps.
The team consists of 7 staff members, some are working part-time. Bea Trampenau and Michael Rogenz are social workers and responsible for the EVS project. A cook, a room attendant, a facility manager and two office workers complete the team. A number of local volunteers are also actively involved in order to fulfil all the tasks of the projects. Some are joining single activities; others are regular supporters of the project.
Heideruh is integrated into the local community. Neighbours and friends are participating in the activities and also young people are getting active at Heideruh. Therefore you will meet people of all ages in the project.
The main tasks of the volunteers:
We offer two EVS positions in the project Heideruh. EVS is a learning service. You will have a set of fixed tasked, but you can also bring in own ideas and interests. We have planned the following tasks:
About 70% of your tasks will be the work with the guests of the guesthouse. Summer and autumn are high season in the guesthouse. Especially the weekends are very busy. Together with the whole team you will prepare the house (seminar rooms, etc.) and the territory according to the needs. You will be the contact person for the guests and e.g. explain the territory of Heideruh and the structure of the day in the guesthouse. You will organise excursions and hiking trips with the guests, and if needed, offer some childcare of the children of the guests.

Winter and spring are the calm seasons for the guesthouse. This is the time for the realisation of own project-ideas in cooperation with Heideruh. There are already some ideas:

  • Heideruh is very much relying on the support of local volunteers. However, many long-time supporters have become less and less active due to old age. The staff of the project would like to develop a strategy for the involvement of young people into our work. It would be great if you could help filling this idea with life.
  • Heideruh`s activities are at the moment mainly locally. But throughout it´s history internationalism has been important. You shall do a research about the international activities that have taken place so far. You shall also search for potential new partners abroad.
  • Good knowledge of English and preferably also working command of German, at least basic knowledge of German
  • Motivation for the described working project.
  • To work in a very reliable and responsible way
  • Flexibility, maturity and ability to handle stress
  • Ability to work in a team with staff members and with other volunteers
  • Independent and self-organised working attitude
  • Open minded and high motivation for volunteer work
  • Creativity
  • Politically interested
The project is open to everyone regardless of their ethnic background, religious conviction or sexual orientation. For physical handicaps: Heideruh is situated in a forest at the outskirts of the town of Buchholz. It consists of a number of different houses which are connected by small paths. Only some rooms have barrier-free accessibility. Therefore, we need to decide individually if the project corresponds to the physical needs of the volunteer.
We encourage both men and women to apply for the project.
Accommodation/Pocket money/Food/Working hours/Holidays: 
  • This is a funded programme, financed by Erasmus +, European voluntary service. Age limit: 18 to 30
  • You will be accommodated at the guesthouse of Heideruh. Each volunteer will have his/her own room, fully furnished with bed, table, chair, closet and a sink. Toilette and shower are situated on the corridor. Some of the employees of the project are also living permanently in the house.
  • You will receive food in the project and 110 € pocket money per month. 
  • Regular working hours are 38 hours per week including break time. Some overtime may be necessary (free time will be given in lieu).
  • You will have two days off per week and two days of vacation per month (can be accumulated).
  • We highly recommend that you start to improve your German as soon as you are accepted for the project. You will participate in the online-language training of the European Commission for EVS volunteers. Young local volunteers are offering German lessons to the refugees in the project. You can participate as well
  • You will be insured through the group plan for EVS volunteers.
  • You will receive a monthly pass for public transport so that you can travel to other places in the region, e.g. Hamburg.
  • You will have a bike during the whole year.

The area:
The project of Heideruh is situated in a forest in the northern part of the “Lüneburger Heide“/Lüneburg Heath. This is a large area of heath, geest and woodland in the northeastern part of the state of Lower Saxony in northern Germany. Parts of the heath are protected as natural reserve. The area is a popular touristic destination.
Heideruh belongs to the village of Seppensen, which is a part of the town of Buchholz in der Nordheide. It is the largest town in the district of Harburg with about 42.000 inhabitants. 
Even though the hosting project is situated in the forest, you can reach the town of Buchholz in der Nordheide within 15 minutes by bike or 5 minutes by bus from the nearby bus stop. From Buchholz in der Nordheide you can reach the city of Hamburg by train in only 20 minutes.
You can see some information on Wikipedia:
English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchholz_in_der_Nordheide
German: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchholz_in_der_Nordheide
 How to apply?
Please send your CV and the application form (attached at the right column) to longterm@sci-cat.org
Application deadline: 21th of December 2015