Vols fer un EVS a l’SCI d’Irlanda?

Vols fer un EVS a l’SCI d’Irlanda?

Pots consultar la informació sobre el Servei de Voluntariat Europeu aquí. Hi trobaràs tota la informació relacionada amb què és, qui hi pot participar i com.


Voluntary Service International (l'SCI d'Irlanda) is looking for 2 EVS volunteers to join the team in Dublin starting in April and May. You can find short descriptions of the projects below, for more details, please follow the link to our website.

early April 2018 – end of April 2019 (12 months)


The volunteer will work with the VSI team to promote volunteering opportunities and recruit volunteers on projects in Ireland and internationally. The work involves liaison with youth organisations and universities in Ireland. The volunteer will also work on social media and website maintenance and creating new promotional materials. This placement involves some travelling around Ireland and Northern Ireland.


early May 2018 – end of December 2018 (8 months)


The volunteer will work with the VSI team to help place volunteers on projects in Ireland and internationally, prepare volunteers before their projects and evaluate them on their return and will support volunteers and host organisations in Ireland. This placement involves working with Irish and international volunteers, our branches worldwide and our partner organisations in Ireland.


Please note: the VSI office is not wheelchair accessible, but we are open to hosting people with other types of disabilities, if you have any questions please contact us.


Candidates  interested in applying for these EVS vacancies must use VSI’s application formWe will only accept applications using this form. Selected applicants by VSI will be interviewed via Skype in the following weeks.


Si t'interessa alguna de les dues ofertes, escriu-nos un email a longterm@sci-cat.org amb el CV en anglès i el formulari d'aplicació abans del 15 de febrer.