Vols ser un missatger de pau?

Vols ser un missatger de pau?

Call for Participants – Training for Multipliers

“Memory beyond Rhetoric: WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe” 

21.05.2015 – 28.05.2015 

in Folgaria – Italy 

Short description of the training

The training is organized for 25 participants who wish to become peace and remembrance messengers. It is held in cooperation with the No More War Team, The Peace Messenger Group and with the Historical Museum of the Great War (http://www.trentinograndeguerra.it/). It includes sessions on how to design & run a workshop (theory and practice), group dynamics, intercultural dialogue, nonviolent communication & conflict resolution and leading for peace. Also discussed and reflected will be the history of WWI (including visit to Front Line Sites and Museum), the history of pacifism and international voluntary service.

Profile of the Participant

If you feel you match most of the following criteria, so you are:

  • a volunteer/activist/staff of an NGO related to peace (e.g. an SCI branch or partner organisation)   

  • want to coordinate a camp part of the Memory beyond Rhetoric project or another workcamp connected to peace

  • are available for the whole duration of the training  

  • are comfortable and able to work and communicate using English

  • have the knowledge and ability for peaceful, efficient and engaging offline and online interaction in English

Memory beyond Rhetoric: WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe

World War I changed the course of the history for ever, and marked the start of the 20th century in many ways. One of its main consequences was the growth of nationalism and violent contraposition between the European countries. But at the same time, some thinkers and visionaries dreamed about a unified Europe.

Today Europe is mired in a deep crisis. Citizens no longer trust the European project, and quick solutions for the social and economic problems are sought without success. It’s in this context that remembrance became inspiration for our future. And it’s in this context too, that the project "Memory beyond Rhetoric, the WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe" wants to raise awareness about and remembrance of WWI, and promote a mature idea of peace, anti-militarism and non-violence. At the same time SCI will deepen the link between WWI and the origins of the organisation, which arose (indeed) from those who dream a peaceful Europe. Or as a slogan in one of the activities of the project says: Paths which once separated us, shall unite us today.

Starting from a deep reflection on WWI and its catastrophic effects, developed in crucial locations connected to the war itself, SCI remembrance project aims at: 

  • promoting peace, anti-militarism and non-violence

  • encouraging active participation at European Level

  • contributing to citizens' understanding of the Union, its history and diversity.

Its main purpose is to endow citizens with significance knowledge about that part of our history, exploring the links between WWI and the creation of bodies that would avoid such a tragedy to happen again.

The project reflects on the importance of memory but also on how memory is built and transmitted, trying to deconstruct the myth of the sacrifice of soldier-hero and bringing the idea of war back to where it belongs: mass-destruction and eruption of violence. http://www.sciint.org/memoric

Financial and practical information

Travel reimbursement:

For participants from countries that are partners of the project (Belgium, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain,  Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, France, Serbia, Macedonia) 70% of the travel costs can be reimbursed (up to a maximum amount of 200€ reimbursement).

There is potential space for participants from other EU member states, as well as for participants coming from countries outside EU. In these cases, if you would like to apply please inform us as soon as possible, so as we can give you more details about the opportunity of attending and travel reimbursement.

In all cases, for receiving reimbursement, you are required to inform us about your travel costs as soon as possible.


Food and accommodation during the training will be covered.