Fes un voluntariat europeu (ESC) de 2 mesos a Grècia!

Fes un voluntariat europeu (ESC) de 2 mesos a Grècia!

L’organització School of the Earth cerca una persona per fer un voluntariat europeu (ESC) de 2 mesos a Nea Makri, Grècia, a partir de l’abril.

Pots consultar la informació sobre el programa de European Solidarityu Corps, entra aquí. Hi trobaràs tota la informació relacionada amb què és, qui hi pot participar i com. En aquests projectes podràs donar suport a la promoció del voluntariat internacional, la cohesió social i la participació amb tots els costos coberts.

Our work at the School of the Earth ‘Nea Guinea’ focuses on our belief that human activity as a whole can be part of the natural environment and become a regenerative factor for the local communities and ecosystems that surround it. Our primary goal is to explore and study balanced and meaningful connections with nature and the people around us, aiming at the emergence of a new culture with local characteristics based on solidarity and respect for life as a whole.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer candidates are expected to have some experience with volunteering within their own country and are likely to have undergone placements within their sending organizations. They are also expected to have a strong interest in environmental issues and volunteerism, an ability to live and work as part of a multicultural team of volunteers, have an interest in intercultural experiences, have a commitment to developing links with the communities in which they are placed,  have a commitment to using the experiences and skills gained during the program to benefit their own community, have the ability to work in a suburban small town like Nea Marki, have excellent computer skills (such as word processing, spreadsheets, using social media and internet) and have an excellent level of English.

Project Description

The “Sustainable Synergies II” project is a core part of our work and emphasizes on raising awareness on environmental and social challenges within the local community and promoting active engagement in sustainable and regenerative practices with a positive environmental impact. It focuses on the development and dissemination of techniques and practices that promote creative interaction between the people of our local community regarding issues of sustainable food production, renewable energy systems, cultural and environmental regeneration and creative environmental activism. Using tools like permaculture design, non formal education, skill sharing, non violent communication and sociocracy we aim at creating the conditions for an open synergistic process that consists of diverse creative activities and promotes active experiential learning as well as positive inter-cultural interaction.

Tasks of Volunteers

  • Participation in the planning, organization and facilitation of raising awareness events regarding current social and environmental issues as well as cultural and environmental regeneration strategies for the local community on a weekly basis
  • Participation in the planning organization and facilitation of skill sharing workshops on Social Permaculture and non violent communication, Permaculture food production systems design and renewable energy production for the local community on a weekly basis
  • Study, research and documentation on the adaptation of different Permaculture cultivation techniques and methods on the Mediterranean climate and dissemination of the learning outcomes to the local community through open informative events and workshops
  • Study, research and documentation on seed preservation and development of a collective seed bank with local varieties of vegetable and herb seeds that will be supplied and will be retrofitted by the local community. And much more!

Interested? Then we look forward to hearing from you! Please, send your CV and motivation letter to longterm@scicat.org

Start project: 20 April 2020
Duration: 20th June 2020
Application Deadline: 15th March 2020

Per a més informació pots descarregar-te la crida completa en PDF.