Volunteer in Catalunya with Avets Community

Volunteer in Catalunya with Avets Community

La Comunitat Els Avets is looking for 2 volunteers to join them during 12 months, from the end of August or beginning of September 2019

The project
Els Avets de Moià Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main mission is the attention and care of adult persons with intellectual disabilities. The attention is based on the relationship established with persons with disabilities to achieve an inclusive and home-like dimension. Their goal is to offer people with intellectual disabilities a place to live and develop all their skills and autonomy and support them in their participation and inclusion into society.

The aim is to establish mutual relationships, where inclusion, participation and responsibility are goals for people with disabilities both in the organization and in society. Therefore, inclusion in society is essential to be open to the world that surrounds us and be part of the life of our town.

Our Communities around the world only started thanks to the voluntary service. People who have intellectual disabilities need support in their everyday lives. In L’Arche, people who choose to share their life, ‘assist’ them in a wide variety of tasks: cooking, housekeeping, medical or personal care and hygiene, gardening, social events…. We have a wide team of professionals to aid the people with especial needs and also volunteers. Volunteering is a very important part of our project; sometimes people with disabilities do not feel recognised and valued. The daily life and living together promote the growth of strong bonds which are an emotional support for the core members. The cultural exchange and “virtual traveling around the world” is also a benefit offered by the volunteers; the effort of the people with disabilities to teach our culture to the volunteers (food, feasts, football teams, language, daily life, …) is also important. This exchange is always very rich in new, lovely, happy, fun and interesting experiences. We have a team of 6 long term volunteers coming from different countries plus many different local volunteers.

Profile of volunteers
– Willing to know people with intellectual disabilities
– Willing to have a co-existence experience and community life
– Motivation to carry out a voluntary task, collaborating and giving as much as possible.
– Flexibility to adapt and work within a team.
– Open minded to be helpful when needed
– Positive and respectful attitude
– Willing to get involved in the organisation and its project
– Responsible attitude
– Basic good knowledge of Spanish language and interested in learning Catalan (the language spoken in our area, together with spanish). Knowing the basics of the language helps to communicate with people with disabilities and facilitates the integration of the volunteer.
– It is preferable to have driving license and driving experience

You can find more information in the INFOSHEET. If you’re interested, you should send and e-mail with your CV and motivation letter to evs@scicat.org.