Open air school workcamp!

Open air school workcamp!

The workcamp will consist in teaching language lessons, taking care of the school wood’s and doing activities with the children of the project. From the 17th of June to the 1st of July in Llinars del Vallès.

Read carefully the description of the workcamp and register here!

Description: The idea for this project came from the limitations in the educational conditions for students during the Covid19 pandemic. Our school follows an international curriculum (Swiss/Catalan) merged by us and based on outdoor environmental education and forest school concepts. We teach in 5 languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, German and French. We balance soft skills (theater, yoga, cooking, forest ecology, emotional intelligence, gardening, arts, music) with conventional subjects, and we believe in a loving and positive environment for learning. Most of our lessons take place outdoors, and our ratio is one teacher per 7 students. Volunteers are welcome to share their knowledge and culture with our students. We take care of goats and sheep, dogs, chickens and donkeys.

Type of Work: You will work on giving language lessons to the students with some fun activities. Apart from that you will help with cooking and taking care of the schools space. You might be also asked for help in taking care of the animals

Study Theme: The theme is ecological education and community building through non-violence.

Accommodation: There is 1 chalet fully equipped with shower and kitchen, with 2 bedrooms. There is also have a lot of camping spaces available with a separate bathroom and cooking space.

Language: It would be great if volunteers, apart from English could also speak in German or French

Requirements: Volunteers should be open to learn and willing to cooperate. No specific knowledge is needed.

If you have any doubt, contact us to