Who are we?

Qui som?

SCI Catalunya is one of the 42 branches of the international network of Service Civil International, an international volunteering movement for peace construction.

Since 1982 we have been working to promote international volunteering and peace education as means of social transformation in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra. We are doing so with a vision of associative base and in a network with local and international organizations.

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How do we work?

SCI Catalonia is an organization with more than 600 members and volunteers. We work through local groups of activists, the board and the technical team.

The board

The board is a group of activists elected during the General Assembly. Their mission is to collect the voice of the social base and to bring a global vision to the actions and to the areas that move the organization.

The team

The technical team is the people that works at the office of SCI Catalonia. They are in charge of keeping the entity running in a technical aspect.

Who is who?

Laura Curull Tarrida

International workcamp

Do you have doubts about international workcamps? Laura will answer all your questions and motivate you to live this experience!

Júlia Mullerat Padró

Incoming Longterm volunteering

If you are interested in doing a longterm volunteering project in Catalunya, Júlia is the person you need to talk with.

Max Carbonell Ballestero

Peace education / Mediterranean area

If you are searching the person who works on peace education and raising awareness projects, this is Max. He’s also coordinating the projects with the mediterranean partners.

Clara Barniol

Outgoing longterm volunteering / Local activism

Clara will answer all your doubts around ESC and LTV acronyms. She also support the local groups of SCI Catalunya.

Júlia Massagué Castells


Lost among the social medias, you can get in touch with her to program informative talks. She also plans communication campaigns and promote the SCI projects.

Josep Maria Ballarín Cuadra

Management / Administration

He sees life through excel. If you need information about SCI Catalunya numbers, projects and funding, Sepi is your contact!

Miguel Morilla Hernández


Between invoices and invoices, he also manages the uses of La Vaqueria and the members’ database. He is also in charge of banking and payments.

Antonella Di Matteo

Support for outoing workcamps

Antonella is a volunteer through the EVS program. She gives support to Laura when it comes to place volunteers in international workcamps.

Cristina Debu

Support local workcamps

Cristina is a volunteer through EVS program. She takes care, with Júlia, of hosting volunteers in regional worcamps.