Call for EVS in SCI Catalunya office

Call for EVS in SCI Catalunya office

Tens amigues i amics d’altres països europeus que coneguin SCI i tinguin ganes d’implicar-s’hi més? Que els interessi la cultura de pau i els motivi l’activisme local? Envia’ls aquesta notícia! Estem buscant persones motivades que vulguin fer el seu projecte de voluntariat europeu amb nosaltres.

SCI Catalunya is opening a call for EVS candidates (from programme or partner countries) – inside European Solidarity Corps Programme – for the February deadline to participate in a project in our office:

We are looking for 2 motivated volunteers to support the work in SCI Catalunya (our office).

What do we do? Born in 1982, SCI Catalunya works in different lines:
International volunteering: workcamps and long term volunteering.
Participation through local groups of activists for changing our reality.
Networking, understood as a way of involvement in movements and associations’ networks, from local to international level.
Peace education as a tool to promote global justice and empower people to become an agent of social change.

To promote peace and social justice, with an international perspective, we are an active and dynamic organization: every year we organize more than 10 local workcamps, where more than 150 volunteers from other countries are placed and hosted, and we sent and support around 300 local volunteers to other projects abroad. We also select and prepare volunteers for long term projects, International Youth Exchanges and for seminars and trainings. We also support various groups of local volunteers to support awareness raising actions in our area.

When? September 2019 – September 2020
Where? El Raval, Barcelona
How can I know more about it? Read carefully all the information here.
How to apply?
1. The candidates should fill this form
2. And send their CV and motivation letter to: until the 9th of january