My ESC in SCI Catalunya

My ESC in SCI Catalunya


Taking the decision to come to SCI Catalunya as a volunteer was pretty easy, as a very good friend of mine, who I trust a lot, advised me to take a look at the ESC placement in the organization last year.

I did not know anything about SCI up until then, so I knew it was going to be something really new for me and I felt ready for a challenge. Having been here for four months now, I feel really proud of having made the decision to come. I feel like I have already done so much that I didn’t even know I could do just yet. The most important thing I can think about, now, is that I have had the chance to co-coordinate an Erasmus+ project (Peaceweek: Linking Migrations with Climate Emergency), as well as participate in one as a volunteer (Gender Effect training). The first was an experience quite demanding and challenging for everyone, but the result was amazing in the end, so it was worth it all.

But also office work is quite demanding apparently, even though the hours are not long, because you want to do a good job and you feel the responsibility. What saves the day in the end is the working environment and the people you are with every day. There is always someone to help you when you need it, and also working with young people who are so motivated to make the world a bit better keeps you motivated even when you don’t feel it so much yourself.
I feel like I have also gained a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities, because I have challenged myself these months and have tried to extend my comfort zone as much as I could until now. And hey, it’s going well so far.

Most importantly though, people, beautiful beings, are what make this whole experience worth it so much for me. The people at the office, the people at the local volunteering groups, the international groups, the workshops, the meetings, the house and sometimes even the manifestations. You learn new ideas, new ways of thinking and of living and all that helps you to let go of the tiredness and the homesickness fast, and get you to look forward to the next day.
I’m super thankful to be here and I look forward to what the next months have to bring to me.