Peaceweek, 25.09.2017

Peaceweek, 25.09.2017

On the 25 of September we start the day by discussing control, detention and expulsion of migrants. Aurea Martin shared with us her knowledge and experience as an activist. We also talked about ethnic profiling, which happens in Spain. Ethnic profiling is when police randomly stop people who they believe are without papers, which is forbidden by the law.

Aurea told us that the Spanish government spends a lot of money (over 11 million Euros) on deportation, of migrants, every year. There are two kinds of large scale deportation flights: Deportation on regular flights, when people who are being deported share flight with passengers who travels for pleasure and the other kind is massive deportation flights which are organized by the government or by Frontex to deport dozen of immigrants by force, against their own will. They are illegal but the government is using the excuse that each person in the flight has a reason to be deported.


In the afternoon Clara, president of the SCI Catalunya´, visited us and presented us the Theatre of the Oppressed. She came to show us how to use our bodies and the theatre to motivate us to learn about the topic, to start a true dialog that we will remember for a long time and to rehearse taking action in the world.

The first genre of theatre was called Image theatre. This activity consist of representing and feeling a character with your body and talking about how people show the same character in different ways.

The next theatre genre was called forum theatre. The activity consisted of a person going to the scene and taking a position and making a sound, thereafter people of the audience could add to the scene, change or switch themselves with an actor.

Overall it was a quite full and interesting day. We felt refreshed after the activities that requiered us to move around and express ourselves with our bodies rather than words.