Urgent! 3 places per a un voluntariat d’un mes a Edimburg!

Urgent! 3 places per a un voluntariat d’un mes a Edimburg!

El voluntariat començaria de forma immediata i consistiria en treballar amb persones joves sense sostre! Hi ha 3 places disponibles 

Long Term Volunteers Needed in Edinburgh!

The Edinburgh Cyrenians are looking for volunteers to start immediately.  Short term one month vacancies are available now.  Anyone living in the EEA who is age 16 -30 is encouraged to apply!!!

Cyrenians has two residential communities. The Farm Community is based 10 miles from the centre of Edinburgh in a tranquil rural location. The City Community is in urban Edinburgh, about 2 miles from Edinburgh City Centre.  There is 1 opening for the City and 2 openings for the Farm Community.

Each community has up to eight residents aged 16-30, who come to live in the communities as a result of being homeless. Their homelessness situation is usually as a result of family relationship breakdown, a drug or alcohol issues or a mental health problem.

The purpose of the communities is to support the residents to develop their confidence, skills and abilities in order to begin to live independently and, eventually, to move to a more sustainable living environment away from personal crisis.

If you are interested send an email as soon as possible to longterm@sci-cat.org !