A Route To Connect: Youngsters crossing borders for a better Europe

A Route To Connect: Youngsters crossing borders for a better Europe
El projecte  pretén conèixer de més aprop les històries i situacions que estan patint les persones refugiades que creuen la zona per donar-hi resposta col·lectivament. Tindrà lloc del 15 de maig al 2 de juny. Inscriu-te abans del 12 de març!
* Per participar als seminaris internacionals cal ser soci/a de l'SCI. En cas que no ho siguis, pots donar-te d'alta molt fàcilment aquí

"A route to connect field study trip" és un viatge de coneixement i d'intercanvi de les situacions que estan patint les persones refugiades que segueixen la ruta dels balcans per arribar a Europa. Aquest viatge té per objectiu conèixer de més aprop la situació per pensar estratègies de sensibilització i suport, així com d'empoderament i autonomia de les persones refugiades.

Aquí sota hi trobareu tota la informació!

A Route to Connect Field Study Trip
15 May – 2 June 2017, Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Macedonia – Greece

This project is only open to participants of countries of the European Union, younger than 30 years.

Field study trip along the »Balkan Route«, the now closed humanitarian corridor that most people seeking refuge use(d) on their way to Western Europe. The project is organized by Service Civil International (an International Peace Movement) in cooperation with independent volunteers who are working in camps and at the borders.

The study trip will be part of a larger project, named »A Route To Connect«. The field study trip will take place from 15th May until 2nd of June 2017. Following the journey you will implement local projects with and for people seeking refuge in your home country.

Those integrational and awareness raising activities will take place during the summer of 2017.

The goals of this project:
– We will create social networks between EU citizens and people seeking refuge, like this we wish to reduce the growing isolation they are experiencing.
– We want to hear the stories of people seeking refuge, while they are traveling or living in camps. With those stories we will show the world their reality, through campaigns and online tools.
– Many people seeking refuge, while traveling or staying in camps, start autonomous social and humanitarian activities, helping the people around them. We wish to find and empower these actors.
– Being there we will show people seeking refuge what volunteer work and youth work is all about. We wish to invite many to stay in contact with us and if possible join our volunteer projects.
– Travelling 19 days with us on such a journey, you will become an expert on the issue. We want you to multiply that experience and use all the opportunities you have to create your own, enabling you to act upon the injustices that we will witness.

Where we go? What we do?
In the preparation phase before the journey you will get together with your local team. With them you will already brainstorm, plan or prepare local projects for and by refugees. Then you will join the study trip as a representative of your team.

The journey starts with a three day training in Slovenia, where 4 trainers will join you in preparing the journey. Right after that we travel through Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia towards Greek island Lesvos and Athens. On the way we will be very busy, visiting refugee camps, meeting people seeking refuge on their route, speaking with experts and initiatives working along the Balkan Route.

The last days in Athens we will evaluate the experience and plan the follow up of our common work. Once back home you will start preparing the local projects with your team.

Who is this trainer team?
Please read more information about the trainers here.

Is this for me?
This kind of journey is not for everyone. The travel is rough. We have a tight time frame. The experiences are traumatic and we expect a lot of engagement from you. You will not rest a lot although we hope to teach you how to be at peace in the worsened crisis.

If you are still reading… here are some more criteria necessary for participants to be selected:
– You will be expected to follow up on the experience and create local projects with a team back home during the summer of 2017 (so we actually expect you to be very responsive and cooperative from May until December 2017)

What are the practical conditions?
– During the journey all food and lodging and travels are covered by the project.
– Your travel costs to the venue and back home are reimbursed (paid back) fully, AFTER you provide us with all your travel tickets.

You like it? Want to join?
Si estàs interessat/ada en participar-hi, envia la teva carta de motivació i CV a suds@sci-cat.org abans del 12 de març.