Call for ESC about permaculture in Mas les Vinyes

Call for ESC about permaculture in Mas les Vinyes

Mas les Vinyes (Catalunya) is searching two volunteers interested in permaculture inside the ESC programme from May to November 2023. Sign up before the 28th of february!

Les Vinyes is a communitary life project in a 25 hectares farm which follows the permaculture and biodynamic agriculture guidelines. The main building is from the XIV century and it’s located in Sant Martí d’Albars, in Lluçanès (between Vic and Berga). The project emerges i 2013 following the willingness of a group of people to foment health by taking care of people, land and living creatures. Nowadays, 4 families and voluntary people temporarily live in the house.

The main objective of the project is to collaborate with the cooperative members in the realisation of a study of a forest garden. It’s an opportunity to participate in the realisation of a project from it’s beginning to the end. Thus, the system will be easily moved somewhere else with different characteristics. Moreover, the volunteers will be able to learn the permaculture basis in a place where alimentary production and community life coexist.

Specific goals of the project:

To enable the volunteers to make their own projects when they finish the voluntary service.
To explain the baisis of permaculture.
To empower the volunteers for them to experiment personal growth and confidence in their skills
To promote conscience by letting them axperiment a different way of life and a different way of managing a far
To assess the individual skills for team work
To create synergies between other projects and volunteers for them to have a contact agenda if they want to start their own projects
To obtain new tools to change the view over the alimentary production and the relationship with the nature.
To understand another culture. The volunteers will participate in the community life and in the village’s social life
When? 1st May 2023- 1st November 2023

Where? Mas les Vinyes 

If you are interested read the call for participants.

Requirements: we are looking for two people who speak english, who like working outside (nearly all the tasks are outdoors), who are willing to work with ecological fruit, animals (chickens, sheeps, goats) and vegetable gardens. It’s important that they don’t smoke and that they have an omnivorous diet (because of communitary decision, as we eat all together) and who want to live the experience of communitary living. Knowledge about plants, vegetable gardens and spanish will be taken into account.

If you want to participate, you have to send an email with your CV and motivation letter to before the 28th of february