Conferència final del projecte Volunteering VS Violence a Grècia

Conferència final del projecte Volunteering VS Violence a Grècia

Participa a la conferència final del camps d’estudi “Volunteering VS Violence” es celebrarà a Grècia el 17 de març per a presentar, compartir i discutir els resultats.

El projecte anomenat “Volunteering Vs Violence” és un projecte liderat per la branca SCI Hellas (Grècia) i en col·laboració amb SCI Itàlia, OWA Poland i SCI Catalunya. Consta de tres camps d’estudi sobre l’impacte que ha tingut el voluntariat internacional al llarg dels anys i té com a objectiu brindar als participants totes les eines necessàries per a comprendre la rellevància del voluntariat internacional, especialment en temps de conflicte o canvi. S’han dut a terme tres seminaris en diferents llocs, i s’ha centrarado en un marc de temps diferent: de 1920 a 1945 per a Catalunya, 1945-1989 per a Itàlia i 1989, avui dia per a Polònia.

Ara, després de la implementació dels camps d’estudi, es durà a terme una conferència final a Atenes el dia 17 de març per a presentar, compartir i discutir els resultats del projecte.

Per participar només cal que siguis soci/a de l’SCI.

Final Conference
During the first day, the conference will focus on the past of volunteering, covering the period from 1920 until 1990, and from 1990 until nowadays. A debate on “Volunteering in the Future” will follow and in the last part of the morning section, we will try to address the question: “Is IVS a movement?” During the evening, a common story-telling of past stories, experiences and movie screenings will take place, so that both older and newer volunteers can share, remember and imagine for the future of volunteering. On the final day of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to visit other organizations and to have meetings with volunteers. They will, also, be able to discuss with young asylum seekers who are volunteering in projects that take place in Athens, at the moment of the conference.

For whom
Participants must be over 18 and everybody from the 28 EU member states plus Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina is welcomed to apply.
As the ideal participant you should:
– Be interested in Volunteering and have some knowledge on this topic;
– Come from one of the above-mentioned project countries;
– Be able to communicate well and work in English;
– With minimum age 18 (no maximum age);
This project is taking place within the framework of Europe for Citizens, Strad 1, Remembrance.

When and Where
Athens, Greece 17/3/2019 (Arrivals) – 20/3/2019 (Departures)

Financial Conditions
The food and accommodation of the participants will be fully covered. Reimbursement of the travel tickets will be up to 120 euros. No application fee needs to be paid by the applicants. We encourage you to use environmentally friendly transport (bus, train, car sharing) when possible.

How to apply
Fill in the ONLINE APLICATION, by the 10th of February.

Si tens dubtes pots contactar amb nosaltres a Inscriu-te abans del 10 de febrer!