Participa a un seminari sobre decolonialitat a Àustria!

Participa a un seminari sobre decolonialitat a Àustria!

Busquem dues participants pel seminari ‘Urban echoes: Unveiling colonial Histories, Shaping decolonial Futures!’ que tindrà lloc a Klosterneuburg bei Wien (Àustria) del 17 al 24 de juny

Per participar dels trainings o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte.

Background of this Seminar

Are you passionate about uncovering hidden narratives and exploring the impact of colonial history on today’s cities? Ever wondered how Europe’s colonial past still influences our cities today? Are you excited about exploring creative ways to shape a future that embraces a decolonial perspective?

Join us in the seminar Urban Echoes: Unveiling Colonial Histories, Shaping Decolonial Futures and be part of a collective effort to open up space for diverse narratives. Let’s work together to understand the echoes of the past and initiate a dialogue between various historical and current urban realities, while also making visible and emphasising the voices that have been overlooked or marginalised in our urban landscapes. We’re not only focusing on former colonies but also on cities where the colonists lived. Our seminar Urban Echoes – Understanding Colonial Histories, Shaping Decolonial Futures aims to delve into Europe’s colonial past and how it still affects today’s cities. We’ll concentrate on how colonial history influenced the development of urban spaces like parks, street names and the way we live within them.

Training Content

In this seminar we focus on colonialism by European colonial powers in the time between the 15th and middle of 20th century and its consequences up until today.

Our journey begins with an introduction into colonial history and theory, delving into different perspectives on historical facts and important concept definitions. We will also work with skills and methods such as cartography, walking interviews, audio-walks or artistic research. Equipped with a toolkit made out of theoretical insights and techniques, we’ll step into the field and take a look at Vienna’s colonial history and colonial continuities. Examples of the deep embedding of colonial heritage and post-colonial structures in urban space include the fact that many cities still have street names that commemorate colonial rule or colonial personalities, or that monuments and statues continue to represent colonial symbols. More till the end of the seminar, we would like to give you the opportunity to come up with a (small) project, combining the different topics, methods and insights. Of course, as trainers we will support you all along the way.

The structure that we’d like to follow will give you an insight into how we would like to unravel the layers of colonial history and continuities while also fostering a deeper understanding and contributing to a meaningful exploration of our shared past.

– Dealing with and discussing European colonial history
– Making the connection between colonial continuities and urban development
– Dealing with and getting to know important terms/concepts regarding colonialism and decolonisation
– Learning about colonial heritage and the effects today in formerly colonising/colonised countries/regions
– Familiarisation with methods relating to city and space, such as mapping, city walks and audio walks
– Working with audiovisual media (e.g. creation of audio walks)

All in all: We want to stress that this seminar is not a series of lectures on a topic but a space for exchange and creation that, despite having some structure, will be shaped by the needs and expectations of participants. We set this training up to be interactive and with a diverse range of methods, with movement and interactivity. During this project, we want to create an atmosphere of peace, empathy, belonging and safety within our group.

If you are interested READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS and fill in the application form.

When: 17.06 – 24.06.2024
Where: Klosterneuburg bei Wien (Austria)
For more information or questions, please write to:

All those accepted will later receive a detailed info sheet with information on the venue, detailed timetable, and preparation tasks before the training.