Participa al training ‘Play for Peace’ a Sèrbia aquest octubre

Participa al training ‘Play for Peace’ a Sèrbia aquest octubre

Participa al training “Play for Peace”, centrat en reflexionar sobre el paper dels jocs en espais educatius i de voluntariat. A Sèrbia del 16 al 22 d’octubre

Per participar dels seminaris o formacions internacionals només cal que et facis sòcia de l’SCI Catalunya. Les despeses del transport i l’allotjament corren a càrrec del projecte.

The Project
Playful activities, games and energizers are very present in the activities of international Peace and Volunteering Organisations, such as SCI, VCV, and their partners. They are used in volunteer camps to bring the group together, and to work on contents during seminars and trainings. There is hardly any volunteering group that does not play
games during their projects. But why are we actually using these playful methods? What should we consider when playing? And what are good examples for games & playful methods?

Games in educational work got institutionalised without considerably reflecting neither their use, their advantages, nor their challenges. On the one hand, games can be very helpful and useful in the seminar context. On the other hand, they can be criticised regarding the reproduction of stereotypes or as violating the personal space of participants. To debate the role of playful activities and games in volunteering activities, SCI Germany together with VCV Serbia organise this project aimed at trainers, youth workers, group coordinators and volunteers.

Aims of the project

– Critically reflect on games used in non-formal education by raising awareness for different forms of discrimination, as well as safer spaces to create more inclusive youth and volunteering projects
– Raise awareness and understanding of intersectional perspectives (global justice, gender, class, race, inclusion, climate justice) when facilitating and organising youth projects by developing and sharing inclusive, diverse and power-critical games
– Understand the role of peace and human rights in games in educational work
– Improve the quality of NFE instruments that can be used in future events, projects, trainings, seminars and general meetings
– Provide youth workers with tools and methods for power-critical, inclusive and peaceful games in educational work
– Create a Manual for games in educational work that includes underlying concepts, shared experiences with safer spaces in games, and guidelines for peaceful playing
– Create more and stronger alliances and solidarity in the peace and volunteering movement

– Joint creation of the Manual on peaceful playing: NFE methods about peaceful playing, a critical look on gamification of educational work, and tips and tricks for inclusive and sensitive games in educational work.
– Development of future projects.

As this seminar is about peaceful playing, we will use many Non-Formal Education (NFE) methods, especially games and energizers, for critical reflection but also a broad variety of non-formal education methods, such as world cafe, snowball discussions, research, silent exhibition, simulation games, theatre, visual harvesting, arts, energizers, role games, teambuilding games, and more.

If you need more information, READ THE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS.

When: 16th to the 22nd of October
Where: Mali Iđoš, Serbia
Deadline to apply: Apply now!
Interested? Send an email to now!